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January is the perfect month for self care. We make New Year’s resolutions to eat better, move more and also spend time to ourselves relaxing.

Maybe you were gifted fragrant smelling bath soaps, shower gels and bath bombs for the holidays. While fine for most of your body, these scented products can raise havoc in the vaginal area.

Scented products can be harsh and irritating to the vagina. Our vaginal tissues are sensitive and made up of mucosa similar to the inside of our mouths. This is not skin that can be bombarded with harsh products, otherwise infection, irritation and pH imbalances ensue. All of this may cause you to be seeing us more regularly.

If you’re a bath lover, the best thing to do is not put any scented products into the bath water. If you love fragrant hygiene products, use them on the rest of your body except for a hands width away from the vaginal area. If you feel the need to use soap in the vaginal area, make sure the product is unscented and not just labeled for sensitive skin.

If you are having frequent yeast infections, itching or irritation in the vaginal area, make an appointment at Michigan Women’s Health to discuss the perfect products for your self care routines.

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